Storm Lake newspaper closeup, "The Times Wins the Pulitzer Prize"


“STORM LAKE is an elegiac heartland portrait...colored by the hope of endurance, both for the newspaper and the community it represents.””

The Hollywood Reporter– David Rooney, June 28, 2021

“STORM LAKE provides a penetrating, insider look at the struggle of a family-owned-and-operated newspaper trying to remain relevant, survive, and thrive in the age of journalism-by-the-algorithms, Trumpism, and COVID-19.”

The Progressive– Ed Rampell, June 1, 2021

“By the end, we have come not only to love the real-life characters at The Storm Lake Times, but everyone we meet, including Lorena Lopez of the Spanish-language paper, La Prensa, who wants to combine resources with Cullen so they can double their reach in two languages. So many people appear to care about news that matters, and that’s a heartening site. Perhaps the apocalypse is not quite nigh. Read on!”

Hammer to Nail– Christopher Llewellyn Reed, July 9, 2021

“Gorgeous establishing shots, great music, and fantastic narration, all of which blend together, allowing Beth Levison and Jerry Risius to tell the true tale of Storm Lake, Iowa.”

Film Threat– Liam Trump, June 3, 2021

“Here’s a paean to journalism, old style. It’s also a near obituary for shoe leather journalism as it was practiced, especially in America’s small towns. It is also a chronicle of a close-knit family, the Cullens, who don’t want their decades-long work to die along with America’s small newspapers. Told in the no-nonsense tones of the laconic Midwest, Storm Lake mixes a bit of Lake Woebegone with 'All the President’s Men.'”

Hill Rag– Mike Canning, July 7, 2021

“STORM LAKE is a must watch to see what it takes to survive in this era and why newspapers are still important even in this internet age.”

InsidePulse– Joe Corey, June 6, 2021

“STORM LAKE, the film, just knocked me out of my summer doldrums.”

Des Moines Register– Julie Gammack, June 8, 2021


Jumpcut Online– Mary Palmer, June 2, 2021

“STORM LAKE isn’t eventually a document of what could be lost, but rather as it currently stands, a galvanizing depiction of what is gained from having strong community coverage that happens to double as a lovely portrait of a charming family business.”

The Moveable Fest– Stephen Saito, June 2, 2021

“STORM LAKE is an endearing documentary that catches the newsroom vibe and understands the profession’s larger purpose of holding private and public interests accountable for their actions.”

Shepherd Express– Dave Luhrssen, June 9, 2021

“As newspapers are fading, it’s inspiring to see one that’s still thriving in the world of fake news.”

Filmbabble– Daniel Cook Johnson, June 7, 2021