Storm Lake Times newspaper in blue plastic box in a diner


When we lose local news, we lose sight of the most pressing issues facing our families, communities and democracy. What can you do right now to secure the future of local news? We ask you to:

  • Subscribe to your local newspaper and support them with your dollars. Find your local paper offering subscriptions by visiting this database of local newspapers.
  • Learn about legislative efforts to support local news, such as the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act which would give news publishers of all sizes the ability to come together collectively to negotiate licensing deals with Google and Facebook.
  • Learn about news deserts and ghost papers by first taking a look at your own community:
  • Plan a screening of STORM LAKE in partnership with your local newspaper or civic engagement group. Use the post-screening discussion to brainstorm ways to support local journalism on the local level and increase community support for news.


To support STORM LAKE’s outreach and engagement campaign that will help to sustain the future of local news, please make a tax-deductible donation via our fiscal sponsor FilmScene.

To support The Storm Lake Times, help build a stronger democracy, and protect, strengthen, and expand local public interest reporting in Western Iowa, please make your tax-deductible donation to the Western Iowa Journalism Foundation.

To all of the film’s generous supporters, thank you!