As we continue the film’s journey, we’ll be spotlighting local news outlets we meet along the way. Today we feature The Winterset Madisonian and interview its editor, Vicki Minor.

What is your coverage area?

Our coverage area serves Winterset and Madison County. The cities of Bevington, Earlham, East Peru, Macksburg, Patterson, St. Charles, Truro and of course Winterset.

When did you publish your first issue?

The Winterset Madisonian is the nation’s oldest continuously-circulated newspaper west of the Mississippi located in Winterset, Iowa it has been serving Winterset and Madison County since 1856.

What was the most important local news story/stories of the past year in your area? Are there particular stories you are proud of?

It is always hard to single out what might be the most important news story within a year’s time. Within a weekly newspaper every story is important because it involves the activities of the community and its citizens. Be it life or death, successes or failures, tremendous joy or heartbreak the newspaper serves to document moments and events that families will save for a lifetime.

Who is your audience?

Our audience is anyone who chooses to pick up the newspaper and sift through the pages. We have an online presence which provides a glimpse of the stories and photos enclosed each week. Full view of the offerings is available through a subscription. 

Personally, why do you do what you do?

Honestly, this occupation allows me to use all of my god given talents. I am a people person who has a passion for writing and photography. This position allows me to use those talents as a storyteller and a photographer to tell the tales of the residents of Madison County.

What do you hope the future of local news looks like? 

I hope the future of local news will stay honest and true and provide an optimistic outlook for the future. I hope there will always be a newspaper that continues to preserve the moments of daily life for history.