As we continue the film’s journey, we’ll be spotlighting local news outlets we meet along the way. is a statewide news website that publishes daily reports on Vermont government, politics, consumer affairs, business and public policy. Their daily beat reporters cover politics, education, health care, criminal justice, business and the environment. Information below was provided by Maggie Cassidy, VTDigger’s Deputy Managing Editor.

When did you publish your first issue? How was VTDigger born? 

Anne Galloway founded VTDigger in 2009 to address a dearth of statehouse and investigative reporting in Vermont caused by shrinking local newspapers. VTD is the only born-digital nonprofit newsroom in northern New England.


Our offices are in Montpelier and we cover news throughout Vermont.


Number of Staff

28 full-time, including more than 20 in the newsroom.

VTDigger attracts 700,000 monthly readers and reaches another 200,000 readers a month through its AP-style distribution service, which is used by 13 local daily and weekly newspapers across the state.

Who is your audience? 

Anybody who wants to understand and engage with what’s happening in Vermont every day.

What was the most important local news story/stories of the past year in your area? Are there particular stories you are proud of? 

It’s hard to ignore Covid-19, and I’m very proud of how the Valley News and VTDigger have reported on the pandemic to keep readers informed in fast-changing and challenging situations. In my three months at VTD, I’ve been grateful to contribute editing to all kinds of great stories told by VTDigger journalists in words, photos, video, data and sound. Recently Ashley DeLeon (text) and Glenn Russell (photos) did an excellent job reporting this story on deadline, and I was glad to help in that effort. I also enjoyed working on these great stories by Emma Cotton and Riley Robinson, and this text/photo/video package by Erin Petenko and Mike Dougherty.

Personally, why do you do what you do? 

It’s how I process the world around me, and I hope my work helps others to do the same.

What do you hope the future of local news looks like?

I hope the future of local news is robust, accessible, collaborative and fun. I hope local news meets people’s needs, and that they consider local news to be an indispensable part of their lives.